Spiritual Emergence Psychotherapy and Counselling Directory

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Spiritual Emergence is a natural process intrinsic to life. It is a common human experience to see things only from the individual perspective but as we grow, we can begin to consider other people, our society, the environment, the planet and beyond. It is possible to have the experience that we are a part of this whole and that all things are one. This is the process of spiritual emergence. Like any process, it can sometimes speed up, slow down, stall or go into overdrive, sometimes leading to what is known as spiritual emergency or spiritual crisis. With the right support, spiritual emergence can be encouraged and experienced in a healthy and balanced way. AWorldAwake provides a Spiritual Emergence Psychotherapy and Counselling Directory to foster this process.

Spiritual Emergence Psychotherapy and Counselling Directory

The term spiritual emergence refers to the gradual realisation and acknowledgement that there is something greater than oneself and something beyond that which can be ordinarily be experienced. As this happens, the individual can go through a process of questioning who they are and wondering about the meaning of life. This seemingly internal process often leads to improved relationships with others and a richer, more meaningful life.

The feeling of spiritual emergence can be brought about by something as simple as a beautiful sunset or gazing at a night sky full of stars. It can also be accelerated by a crisis such as a near-death experience, loss of a loved one, illness, or psychological distress.

If this process is not well understood, is resisted, feared or is otherwise felt to be overwhelming, it is commonly described as spiritual emergency or spiritual crisis. These terms do not seek to identify a special sort of crisis but recognise the spiritual aspect of any experience, including those that are distressing or unwanted.


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