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Spiritual Emergence is a natural process intrinsic to life. It is a common human experience to see things only from the individual perspective but as we grow, we can begin to consider other people, our society, the environment, the planet and beyond. It is possible to have the experience that we are a part of this whole and that all things are one. This is the process of spiritual emergence. Like any process, it can sometimes speed up, slow down, stall or go into overdrive, sometimes leading to what is known as spiritual emergency or spiritual crisis. With the right support, spiritual emergence can be encouraged and experienced in a healthy and balanced way. AWorldAwake provides a Spiritual Emergence Psychotherapy and Counselling Directory to foster this process.

Spiritual Emergence Psychotherapy and Counselling DirectorySpiritual Emergency is a term coined in 1980 when Stanislav Grof, MD, and Christina Grof began the first Spiritual Emergency Network. The original name Spiritual Emergency Network was chosen very consciously as a play on words. The term emergency inferring both crisis and emerging. It was later renamed the Spiritual Emergence Network as a way of focusing more on the positive aspects of the phenomenon.
A spiritual emergence is a natural process of spiritual opening or transformation, which can happen over time or very suddenly. When it happens suddenly it can be turbulent and overwhelming. This is often referred to as spiritual crisis or emergency. A crisis can often be initiated by one or more life-changing experiences such as childbirth, the death of a loved one, divorce, moving to a new country, intense sexual experience, existential crisis, severe illness, losing a job, accident, abortion, spiritual practices and/or use of mind-altering substances.
Experiences to talk about as a next step from here!
as unresolved past trauma surfaces to be healed
Confusion …..diagnosis ….Psychological difficulties (mental hospitals, psychiatry) often occur because these experiences are beyond the realm of the intellect and consensus reality.
During a spiritual crisis, the awakening process can become unmanageable without the right support.
With appropriate support, people in spiritual emergency integrate their experiences, are more able to create a meaningful life for themselves, and function at a higher level than before their crisis.
Evidence shows that people in this spiritual crisis need education, peer support, the understanding of healthcare providers who have had similar experiences and advanced education and skill building to assist these clients, and acknowledgement that these experiences are not indicative of mental illness.


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