Add a Listing

buddhaThe list is open and anyone can add a listing. You must be registered and logged in to the site to add a listing.

AWorldAwake works by location and it is necessary to enter a physical address. If there is no physical address, such as online only resources, then only entering the country in which it is based or primarily operates can be entered in the address field.

There is a group for discussing website changes with a forum and I will blog changes I make to the website.

If you do not see a category you require when adding a listing, you can have a new category added to the directory.

If you have any problems, please contact me.

What do I get with a Free Listing?

With Free Listings you get the following features –

A description of 200 words
> 1 image upload
> Limited to 1 catagory
> Website address listed
> Location map
> Tagging limited to 20 characters

What do I get with a Full Listing?

With Full Listings you get the following features –

> No word limit in description
> Upload upto ten images
> Displays website, telephone, email, & social media details
> Location map
> Displayed before free listings
> Link between event or therapist and business listing
> Listing included in multiple catagories
> Unlimited tags
> Add secondary location
> Include fees / costs information
> Add special offers
> Google analytics
> Send listing to a friend button

You can see pricing information here.