• In this groundbreaking book, psychiatrist Dr Russell Razzaque explores startling new insights into the mind and mental distress. His extraordinary conclusion: mental illness, to which every one of us is vulnerable, can also be a form of spiritual awakening.

    Dr Razzaque’s revelations are drawn from his experience at the frontline treating mental illness, as well as from ancient spiritual traditions and the breakthroughs of modern science – including neuroscience and quantum psychics.

    Both science and spirituality lead to the same inescapable conclusion – on the most fundamental level of reality there are no divisions or boundaries between anything or any one of us at all. Realising this will set us on the journey to achieving long-term health and happiness.

    Breaking Down Is Waking Up describes new forms of treatment for mental illness inspired by Eastern approaches and centring around practices such as mindfulness. These therapies go beyond just ‘treating’ episodes of mental distress but also, where possible, help an individual to complete the process of spiritual growth they have begun.

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