• Dr Sannella has not had a kundilini experience, but compiled this book based on the experiences of other people who came to his psychiatry practise and from books by mystics etc. On the plus side it provides a wealth of experiences and some quite interesting medical facts.

    On the negative side probably only about 10% of the case histories he cites are kundalini experiences, which makes this book very frustrating reading.

    The definition of a kundalini experience is very clear. it is provoked by only a very few types of practise all of which involve the base of the spine. The energy soars up the spine and provokes a very profound experience. Few have genuinely had such an experience.

    Sannella dismisses this definition – one which Buddhists, Taoists, Hindus and numerous other people all agree on and says that because his [few] observations don’t match with this definition – the definition must be wrong.

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