Psychosynthesis – Spiritual awakening and psychological disturbance

Tarot - The Fool

Psychosynthesis – Spiritual awakening and psychological disturbance At the core of the ‘quest for self’ is the search for meaning. Within this, there are thresholds which the individual comes up against as reality is tested again and again. Spiritual awakening and psychological disturbance are central to psychosynthesis and psychotherapy have tended to ‘pathologise’ these crises. Within… Read more »

How do you choose your values?


I’m just putting together my values statement for the website and for the project as a whole. I don’t know you’ve ever done this before but you start off with a long list of value words and have to pick the ones that are most important to you – as guides for how to behave,… Read more »

Behave Yourself! – What to do when someone steps out of line online

Guidelines for forums and groups. One of the problems with online forums is that some people seem to lose all sense what is acceptable in a conversation as soon as they are sitting behind a keyboard and screen. This is why I put together the guidelines for forums and groups. Not realising that other people… Read more »

The Story So Far…

Matthew Gorner

Over the last four years, I have been reinventing my life from being a 9-5 website developer to being a charity director and psychosynthesis psychotherapist. It has become clear that a number of online resources are lacking and my skills as a website creator can be put to work in service of improving what is… Read more »